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At Hamdard Laboratories (Waqf) Pakistan, we realize our national as well as global responsibility that we are a part of this global community. We are committed to operate our business in a sustainable manner that ensures that our community is safe, secure and well supported. As a local leading brand of Pakistan, we aim to improve the standard of living of people in every possible way mainly in health, education and social welfare.

We strongly believe that no man is an island that we should give to others as much as we receive. It is this belief that sustains our journey to strive for a better life, better education, and excellence in all undertakings. Much has been accomplished thru the efforts of Hamdard alone, much is to be done.

“The possibilities are limitless in the future but we need to hold hands with the rest of the world to sustain our faith and endeavour to share in the work for betterment, human welfare and universal peace. We need you to help us in our journey for humanity.”

Managing Director

Hakim Said Awards:

A scholar, entrepreneur, medical researcher, educationist and above all “a visionary philanthropist”, Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said’s life journey is a testimony of accomplishments. He revitalized the field of Tibb-i-Unani in Pakistan, established one of a kind “Madinat-al-Hikmah (a city of knowledge) and founded Hamdard Laboratories (Waqf) Pakistan, a leading manufacturer of medicines and nutrition-based products. He made his life a mission to serve the nation and appreciate the exceptional individuals who by their actions, vision and achievements laid a positive impact on the society.

Following this vision of its founder, Hamdard Laboratories (Waqf) Pakistan in 2018 decided to honor remarkable individuals by awarding them the prestigious Hakim Mohammed Said Award in recognition of their service to the nation. The milestone gala of first-ever Hakim Mohammed Said Awards was a huge success and received unprecedented positive reactions and appreciation from the people. This year in 2020, the 2nd Annual Hakim Mohammed Said Awards were made special due to the fact that this year Hamdard Pakistan is celebrating the 100th birth anniversary of Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said

The ceremony of 2nd awards took place on 10th January 2020 at Mohatta Palace Karachi in a colorful luminous night of celebrations. Hamdard Pakistan paid a rich tribute to its founder Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said by launching a 100-year TVC song specially created and choreographed to highlight the accomplishments and life of Hakim Mohammed Said. 

Honorable Governor Sindh Mr. Imran Ismail graced the event by his presence as a Chief Guest. The Chief Guest Governor Sindh presented awards with Chairperson Hamdard Pakistan Mrs. Sadia Rashid to ten notable Pakistanis in the categories of sports, journalism, education, social service, bravery and valor, art (post humus) and literature. The event was then followed by the cake cutting ceremony on the auspicious occasion of 100th birth anniversary of Hakim Mohammed Said.

Managing Director

Heat Wave Activity

For the last few years, Southern Pakistan has been severely affected by heatwave when the temperature has risen to over 50 degrees. Countless people were admitted to the hospital and numbers of deaths were recorded. At this time of despair, Hamdard Pakistan is fulfilling Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said’s dream to help humanity by acknowledging its Corporate Social Responsibility to serve Rooh Afza drink on the streets of Karachi & Lahore among the general public. Rooh Afza helped them regain the energy that had been lost because of extreme heat.

Hamdard served over 7,000 glasses daily in Lahore and 10,000 glasses in Karachi for continuous 30 days at different landmarks.

“Hamdard is staying true to the legacy and Vision of Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said by serving Humanity”

Managing Director

Hamdard Mobile Dispensaries

Hamdard Free Mobile Dispensaries program is a flagship initiative of HFP. Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said started Hamdard Free Mobile Dispensaries in 1963 with one vehicle to provide free treatment to poor & needy patients in remote areas of Karachi. Hamdard Foundation Pakistan gradually expanded and enhanced this philanthropic activity and now Hamdard Free Mobile Dispensaries are treating more than 500,000 poor & needy patients every year in 11 major cities including Karachi, Lahore, Hyderabad, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Sargodha, Multan, Sukkur, Quetta and Azad Kashmir. The Hamdard Foundation Pakistan has a fleet of 20 equipped vehicles with Hamdard‘s medicines and experienced Hakims. Hamdard Foundation Pakistan provides free consultancy and medicines through this programme and refer patients to Hamdard University Hospital (Taj Medical Complex), if found critical and provide free treatment under the “Free Patient Scheme” programme. Each Hamdard Free Mobile Dispensary is being operated by an experienced Hakim (Medical Officer) and dispenser.Slum areas where Hamdard Free Mobile Dispensaries are treating the patients.

Managing Director

Hamdard Village School

Hamdard Village School has strength of around 700 students from surrounding area of Madinat al-Hikmah including 38 goths. Hamdard Village School is providing quality education, uniforms, school bags and shoes free of cost to poor and needy students of the area.

Managing Director

Scholarships for educational purposes

After the martyrdom of Hakim Mohammed Said, in order to remain the nation, his love and efforts for education in Pakistan, Hamdard Foundation Pakistan from the beginning of the 21st Century started awarding Hakim Mohammed Said Memorial Scholarship to Matric Pass and Inter Pass Meritorious students.

Hamdard Foundation Pakistan started the programme of awarding Hakim Mohammed Said Memorial Scholarship in the year 2002-03. It was for the limited number of Matric Pass and Inter Pass students of Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Quetta Boards.

Now, Hamdard Foundation Pakistan is providing Hakim Mohammed Said Memorial Scholarship to all 26 Govt. Boards (matriculation and intermediate) of Pakistan.