Message from the Managing Director & CEO

Managing Director

Fatema Munir Ahmed

Managing Director & CEO

Hamdard Pakistan’s journey is truly an odyssey of wonderful efforts and successes. But from the very start, the helmsman our founder Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said – had one sole harbour he was making for: To serve humanity and the betterment of Pakistan. He said: ‘Love Pakistan Build Pakistan’ and worked untiringly for this. The aim of Hamdard was to become the standard of excellence in a marriage of old and new, tradition and modern science. And this it truly achieved. But with shifting paradigms and rapid advancement of technology, global business dynamics have also changed._ Turning ourselves towards this inevitable call of change, we have taken the rebranding initiative that will not just re-emphasize our traditional strength, values, reputation, and credibility in the world, but will also reflect our resolve to embark into the future with newfound vigour.