Hamdard Dastaan

Hamdard Instant Joshanda

As the season is changing yet again, we need to up our game against all seasonal illnesses. Be it the dry cough or running nose, a sore throat or the flu, Hamdard Instant Joshanda has got your back.

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Paying Homage to Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said.

On this 20th Death Anniversary of Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said, let us remember the HAMDARD who devoted his life in the field of health, education & philanthropy.

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Mrs. Sadia Rashid latest interview with PTV News

Mrs. Sadia Rashid, Chairperson, Hamdard Laboratories (WAQF) Pakistan, Chancellor Hamdard University and President Hamdard Foundation shares the ideology behind Hamdard Pakistan in her latest interview with PTV News.

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Our national flag at Eaton Centre, Toronto, Canada & London Underground Stations!

People of Canada and Britain also enjoyed the refreshing taste of Rooh Afza, the King of drinks.

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Ishq Pakistan Qawali

Show your Ishq for Pakistan, this Independence Day and celebrate with Hamdard.

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Dosti Mubarak

This #FriendshipDay, Rooh Afza played “Never Have I Ever” challenge with a group of 5 friends.

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Rooh Afza Eid TVC 2018

As the glorious sun sets for the last time before the arrival of the blessed month of Shawwal

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27 Unknown Facts of Pakistan- Part III

Pakistan is not just a piece of land. It is an idea and a struggle that every Pakistani

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27 Unknown Facts of Pakistan- Part II

Pakistan's populace from Kashmir to Karachi is a repository of talents and possibilities

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27 Unknown Facts of Pakistan - Part 1

Pakistan is a diverse country, from the high mountains in the north to the deep seas in the south

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Pakistan Mubarak

A nation created with immense sacrifices on the night of decree being unprecedented

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Rooh Afza Heatwave

Our Red continues to spread smiles and a feeling of togetherness this Heat wave

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Rooh Afza sweet and sour sauce

Dip them and Tip them! With delectable and appetizing Rooh Afza sweet and sour sauce Recipe

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Rooh Afza Ramzan TVC 2018

Our Red knows no boundaries, it is certainly “The Limitless”!.

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Rooh Afza Rabri

The day is finally here. Unveiling the traditional Rabri with a yummy twist of Rooh Afza.

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Rooh Afza Feerni

Your wait is over. Time to indulge your sweet tooth for a local delight with #RoohAfzaTreats - The feerni is here. It's red, done the Rooh Afza way!

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Rooh Afza Aloo Chat

Killer combination of Rooh Afza and Potatoes. A delight to satisfy your sweet and savory cravings.

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Rooh Afza Chocolate Chilled

In the fiery unforgiving summers, Rooh Afza is back yet again with something that cools you in every way...

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Pakistan Resolution Day in West with the Heart of East

On 23rd March this year, the Drink of the East; Rooh Afza travelled to New York to make a mark for Pakistani Brands...

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Rooh Afza Almond Milkshake

Enrich your moments with yummilicious #RoohAfzaTreats ! Introducing Rooh Afza Almond Milkshake having richness of almonds,...

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Rooh Afza Cheese Cake

Now you can make delicious Rooh Afza Cheese Cake at home, just by following these steps.

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Rooh Afzah Frozen Yugurt

The recipe for yummiest organic frozen yogurt is just here! Play the video and find out how to make your...

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Nothing is more fulfilling than the life surrounded by your loved ones. And of course, Roohafza in this summer...

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Hamdard Pakistan - Hakim Mohammed Said Awards 2018

Hamdard Pakistan's re-branding event 2018, held at Mohatta Palace Karachi.

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Sister Ruth Lewis

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On behalf of Prof. Dr. Syed Adib ul Hasan Rizvi

On behalf of Prof. Dr. Syed Adib ul Hasan Rizvi, Prof. Naqi Zafar received his award.

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Prof. Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman

Prof. Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman was awarded for his services in the field of higher education and research.

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Dr. Abdul Bari Khan

Hamdard Pakistan awarded Dr. Abdul Bari Khan for his efforts in field of healing.

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Ishq Pakistan Qawwali

What can be a better representation of Ishq Pakistan than these exemplary and humble Pakistanis who have done remarkable things for our country...

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Hamdard Corporate TVC (Hamdard-Jaisay Ghar ka ek Fard)

The only constant in life is change, with change comes the acceptance of a brighter today...

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Rooh Afza Headed to Karachi Eat

A big thanks to all our wonderful customers who played a big part in our success.

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Rooh Afza - Zindagi Mubarak

We have been a part of your life for generations, celebrated family values, relationships, the simple joys that each day brings and sweetens every occasion...

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Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said - Renaissance Man

Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said was a man with vision, values, beliefs and a mission. His works and services will live forever

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Tribute to Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said

Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said was a man with vision, values, beliefs and a mission. To propagate education and science in the society...

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