Hamdard Honey

The use of natural honey as food and medicine by mankind has been in existence from time immemorial.


Honey is a natural sweetener that is full of antioxidants and needs no artificial preservatives to stay fresh. As a healthy source of carbohydrates, honey is also an excellent source of energy to fuel your body.

Natural Honey is produced by honey-bees. Food is eaten for nourishment, metabolic activities, growth and healthy living. Regular consumption of natural honey gives all these benefits. It contains major components of a meal, and micronutrients that enhance the digestion and absorption of these major dietary components, as well as those required for metabolism and body functions. Natural honey contains several enzymes which enhance the digestion of food substances especially carbohydrates such as sugars and starch.



Natural & Pure Honey


Natural Honey is a liquid spoken of by all religious books. Furthermore, the Holy Qur'an explicitly encourages the consumption of Natural Honey as a highly nutritious and health promoting food.

Extensive research has shown the therapeutic promise of the use of honey in enhancing health values and improving body systems. Honey is also evaluated for its wide acceptability as a complementary and alternative medicine for most ailments.



Bottle 480 gm. Pouch 400 gm