A natural herbal aphrodisiac to improve youthfulness


Each 15 gm contains
Anacylus pyrethrum 1.500 gm Arania coccina 0.083 gm
Olive oil 0.500 ml Pheretima posthuma 0.083 gm
Celastrus oil 0.167 ml Musk xylol 0.042 gm
Testicular extract (Castoreum) 0.133 gm Cantharides 0.008 gm
Clove oil 0.117 ml Excipients q.s.
Cinnamon oil 0.117 ml    

Neobax is for men who need nutritional support for their reproductive area. It contains multiple herbal ingredients that encourage blood flow to this region and thus help to tone the male organs and also increase libido. It is very effective for those who have the habit of masturbation and have weak genital system. It is also useful for premature ejaculation. It is for men who want to gain strength, improve mood and increase their sexual desire naturally.


Anacylus pyrethrum (Pellitory): It improves physical strength and work as a good aphrodisiac. Aqarqarha benefits a lot in premature ejaculation.

Testicular Extract (Castoreum): It raises the level of sexual excitement. It rejuvenates the male body, increases desire and improves disposition.

Clove Oil (Oil from clove buds): As a topical rub, clove oil helps increase blood circulation and gives a warming sensation.

Musk xylol (Musk): As aphrodisiac, it is given in combination with other aphrodisiac in seminal weakness and impotence.

Olive oil (Oil from olives fruits): Externally, olive oil is emollient and soothing to inflamed surfaces and is employed to soften the skin and as lubricant for massage.

Cantheridis (Blister beetle): The cantheridis are used as aphrodisiac due to their tendency to cause priapism (persistent abnormal erection of penis).

Cinnamom oil (Oil of cinnamom bark): Cinnamon oil is an irritant and sensitizer.


  • Lack of full development of sexual organ due to in sufficiency of sex hormone before and after puberty.
  • Loss of masculine and erection power subsequent to excessive use or abuse due to ignorance
  • Defective regeneration of local tissues subsequent to local diseases like gonorrhea, syphilis etc.
  • Sexual debility after long incapacitating illness.

How to use

The content of the tube suffices for 15 applications.

1/15th part of it should be gently massaged on the body of organ on all sides (except glans) till the whole is absorbed into tissues.

The ingredients of Neobax are absorbed transdermically through skin of the penis which Allows them to work quickly and effectively in increasing sexual power and sensitivity.


Tube of 15 gm.