Mifta herbal laxative is a carefully selected combination of natural ingredients which are safe, effective and helpful for smooth movements of bowels which results in effortless passage of stool. By stimulating the digestive process it helps in restoring appetite as well.

Cassia senna127.00 mg
Aloe barbadensis (Concentrate)94 mg
Rheum emodi (Concentrate)94 mg
Glycyrrhiza glabra (Concentrate)72 mg
Foeniculum vulgare40 mg
Hyoscyamus niger35 mg


Cassis senna: It is largely recommended to relieve constipation or when a tolerably active purge is required. Colon is the site of action for Senna.

Aloe barbadensis (Concentrate): It is used in traditional medicine as anti constipatory. It is effective as purgative of relevant malhumours particularly of cephalic, stomach and liver. It is effective as resolvent of inflammation from spleen and helps in digestion, also effective in abdominal pain.

Rheum emodi (Concentrate): Rhubarb Root has a purgative action for use in the treatment of constipation, but also has an astringent effect following this. It therefore has a truly cleansing action upon the gut, removing debris and then astringing with antiseptic properties as well.

Glycyrrhiza glabra (Concentrate): It lowers stomach acid levels, relieves heartburn and indigestion and acts as a mild laxative.

Foeniculum vulgare: It is an aromatic gastric stimulant, clears the obstructions of organs particularly the digestive tract.

Hyoscyamus niger: It exhibits sedative effect and in case of irritation of the gastro-intestinal tract, it improves the action of bitter tonics. It assists to relieve griping action and irritation of purgatives on the intestines.





To relieve constipation: Just 1 tablet with plain water at bedtime.


1/2 tablet at bedtime.


5 x 10 tablets