Roghan-e-Badam Sheerin

Roghan-e-Badam Sheerin

Roghan-e-Badam Sheerin

Unani Medicine

100% Pure
  • A great source of nutrients
  • Memory Enhancer
  • Immune Booster


Each 5ml contains
Prunus amygdalus 5 ml


Roghan-e-Badam Sheerin is highly nutritive that contribute to the health and development of the human brain. Strengthens the body. Lubricate the intestine and induce sleep

Direction for use


Constipation can be due to the relaxation of the intestinal musculature activity or dryness of the gut. Hamdard Roghan-e-Badam sheerin helps and remove constipation. One or two teaspoonful of Roghan-e-Badam sheerin with lukewarm water or milk at bedtime.


Roghan-e-Badam sheerin has soothing effect on brain cells. Its internal administration at night induces peaceful sleep.


Pack of 60 ml.