It is prepared from the extract of known herbal decongestant ingredients; cough depressant, bronchodilator and expectorant. A specific and non-sedative remedy for cough and congestion of lungs. It is a compound of Hyssopus officinalis, Sisymbrium irio zinn, Zizyphus vulgaris, Ocimum basilicum, Adhatoda vasika, Ephedra vulgaris in palatable sugar base syrup.

It is efficacious in case of whooping cough, asthma, cold, catarrh, post-influenzal cough, chronic and acute bronchitis. It promotes expectoration and helps relieves bronchial spasms and normalise respiratory functions.

Patients of diabetic and high blood pressure should avoid using this syrup.

Adults: 2 teaspoonfuls at breakfast and 2 teaspoonfuls before going to bed.
Children: 1 teaspoonful at breakfast and 1 teaspoonful before going to bed.
Or as directed by the physician

PET Bottle of 120 ml
Sugar Free Suduri is also available in 120 ml.


Each 100 ml contains:
Hyssopus officinalis
Sisymbrium irio zinn
Zizyphus vulgaris
Ocimum basilicum
Piper longum
Zingiber officinale
Adhatoda vasika
Glycyrrhiza glabra

In palatable sugar based syrup
**Daily Value not established

2.0 gm**
2.0 gm**
2.0 gm**
1.0 gm**
1.0 gm**
1.0 gm**
0.5 gm**
0.3 gm**
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