Message from the Founder

Managing Director

Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said


Pakistan is an invaluable gift of Allah Almighty to the Muslims of subcontinent. It is our foremost duty to love, build and protect this promised land from the bottom of our hearts and make our all-out efforts to carry this country to the heights of glory as desired by its founder Quaid-i-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah.

It is one of my main objectives to establish Hamdard in Karachi, Pakistan is to make it an institution of not only of health and medicine, but a fountain – like organization of philanthropy from which the waves of patriotism, service to people and reconstruction of Pakistan would originate and irrigate the foundations of Pakistan. My message to the people of Pakistan particularly to youths is “Love Pakistan --- Build Pakistan”.

I have a mission of spreading education in the country, for education is the master key of progress, and a clear vision about Hamdard, besides a benevolent organization, I am desirous of making Hamdard a reputed institution of research and scientific studies on herbal medicines and products to make them and the system of Eastern Medicine (Unani Medicine) to a successful treatment of modern day’s diseases.